Carefluent is committed to the highest standard of safety. We continually refer to and stay compliant with current COVID-19 Guidelines as set forth by the CDC.

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A higher standard of personal home care

Carefluent partners with health insurance companies and employers. At Carefluent, we strongly believe that culture influences how one thinks and acts. Therefore, influencing improvements in health requires understanding, awareness, and acceptance of cultural norms.

Carefluent Care Companions are trained to establish trust. With keen awareness of, and respect for, sociocultural factors such as physical distance, physical contact, eye contact, body language, rate, and volume of speech, our Care Companions bridge communication and etiquette gaps that often hinder adherence to treatment plans and positive health outcomes.

Carefluent services easily complement value-based care, gap closure, and wellness programs. Our Care Companions actively assist with appointment setting, transportation, and other non-clinical tasks that increase the rate of preventive care visits.

Furthermore, Carefluent Care Companions are trained to conduct the following assessments:

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    The Carefluent Difference

    Proprietary system pairs Careseekers and Care Companions based on needs and common attributes.

    Fast growing network of highly qualified and carefully screened Care Companions. We only hire those who have the aptitude, skills, and characteristics that meet Carefluent's strict qualifications.

    Carefluent's compensation exceeds industry norms. Care Companions are knowledgeable and passionate about their career with Carefluent.

    Care Companions' competencies, such as foreign languages and certifications, drive higher levels of Careseeker engagement and satisfaction