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Did you know? Loneliness and social isolation has the same health impact as smoking 15 cigerettes daily?

Approximately one-fourth of older adults feel socially isolated. Not only does this cause a strain on mental health, but it also causes a decline in physical health.

Feelings of loneliness and social isolation put seniors at risk for premature death, dementia, heart disease, and stroke.

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How Companion Care Keeps Seniors Mentally and Physically Healthy

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Socially engaged seniors have higher physical mobility scores and lower rates of disability. Seniors who remain socially connected are also more likely to exhibit positive health-seeking behavior such as getting cancer screenings or eating more nutritiously.

Maintaining strong social bonds — such as a connection with a companion — reduces the risk for developing age-related conditions.

With reliable personal home care, seniors maintain a better quality of life, health facilities operate more efficiently, and health plans experience a reduction in the use of costly places of care.

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Meet Carefluent

Carefluent provides personal home care that intentionally seeks out the preferences of both the Careseeker and the Care Companion, leading to deeper connections and lasting care relationships.

Our focus on social, cultural, and linguistic needs and preferences drives down costs typically associated with non-adherence to treatment plans. Culturally sensitive care improves equity, reduces costs, and contributes to better outcomes. Infusing compassion, empathy, respect, and understanding into care delivery preserves dignity, patient engagement, and satisfaction. Carefluent’s programs easily complement value-based care and gap closure initiatives.

What to expect from Carefluent

Highly qualified & carefullyvetted Care Companions

Carefluent’s Care Companions are experienced caregivers who have passed three unique assessments, a comprehensive background check and drug test. Most are fluent in a foreign language and/or certified.

Accessible, intuitive, fully-integrated platform

All functions are easily performed using Carefluent’s proprietary platform. Our intelligent algorithm ensures that those who need care are matched with a Care Companion based on their unique social, cultural, and linguistic needs and preferences.

Improvement in quality of care, quality of health, patient satisfaction, while lowering cost of care

Carefluent is a fully integrated solution which allows you to combine personal home care + social determinants of health and health risk assessment screenings. This gives you a comprehensive view of your patients’ quality of life and health. Leverage this data to close gaps in care, have more in-depth conversations at the next appointment, and refer to appropriate resources for assistance, as necessary. These actions drive better long-term health outcomes, improve quality of care, and lower the cost of care.

Praise for Carefluent

Carefluent’s Care Companions actively assist with
appointment setting, transportation, medication reminders,
and other tasks that impact the quality of health.

How it Works

Carefluent offers three simple plans for providing
a better quality of care to your members:


Services aiding with Activities of Daily Living and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living


Tier 1 services plus Carefluent Health Risk Assessment and Social Determinants of Health screenings.


Tier 1 services plus custom screening tools or continuity of care management support

Frequently Asked Questions

Social Needs Assessments aid in identifying Social Determinants of Health. This tool screens for five core social needs which are related to, and impact, health. These include housing, food, transportation, utilities, and personal safety. The tool uses validated screening questions and can also be used to assess employment, education, childcare, and financial strain.

Health Risk Assessments aid in identifying individuals at high risk of certain chronic conditions. HRAs evaluate lifestyle factors and health risks of an individual.

With a strong footprint in North and South Carolina, Carefluent plans to expand into new states and cities throughout 2022 and 2023. Contact us to discuss expansion into your geographic territories.

Carefluent partners with IPAs, CDSs, ACOs and other provider organizations that participate in at-risk agreements, including value-based care contracts. We partner with you to develop a custom program which maximizes performance in your VBC contracts. We typically provide continuity of care management support, help patients achieve compliance with discharge plans, transportation to/from preventive health and screening appointments, and more.

Contact us today either via email at or 855.227.3196. We will help you select the best solution and work with you to launch your new Personal Home Care benefit within a few weeks.

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